Is writing hard?

milad qarooni
5 min readJul 28, 2023


Is writing hard? The answer is based on your thoughts about writing and which type of writing you want to write. Also, how much experience do you have? For example, If you’re going to write a thoughtful piece for the first time, it may take 4 hours to register. But after writing for several times, you will write in 30 minutes. Because you understand every detail of the subject and You are entirely familiar with another topic. Anyway, writing is hard for some, and they need to know the main reasons. In this article, I want to write the two leading causes of it.

Don not have Motivation

Often my friends say that they do not have the proper motivation to write. You may ask where the inspiration comes from. How do some writers want to sit behind a desk for a long time and write a Literary masterpiece?

Maybe you think they have motivation, but they believe in what they do.
If you have a powerful reason for wanting to write, you can see your progress with your writing. For every these reasons are different. For example, you enjoy writing more than other activities. So you manage your time to write even a simple article. Deciding to note is the task that you enjoy the most. Maybe you write articles as a way to make money. That is a good reason. This is my motivation. Of course, I must be interested in writing to be able to write excellent and high-quality articles.

But sometimes, you are forced to write articles or texts like writing essays. At first glance, There is no incentive to do so. You maybe say to yourself, write to get marks and pass the term. It is a common mistake. Refrain from thinking about writing as a Mandatory work. Felt like this can disturb all your efforts, and the impact of your writing can go beyond things you have never thought of.

Refrain from saying what is next. If you do not have motivation, leave everything out of your reach and take a pencil and paper. Then write what you will have after writing. Money?Good mark? Reputation? All of them are the motivation for you. Just think about yourself and ignore what others say about your aim. For example, when I write content, my family and friends say it is not a good job. If I listened to them, I would quit writing and set up another business. I would have failed if I had started another business because I was uninterested. Making money from writing was a motivation for me. So I continued and made sense of the result.

Having deeper motivation behind your writing is the best way to your thriving. Just focus on the reason you do it. Let that focus reinspire you to keep going.

You’re overthinking instead of writing

Judging instead of writing is a disruptive way that blocks your main from provoking and creating new ideas. If you want to progress, do not think about what others say. This thinking cause you to feel too negative about your content.

It’s important to stop focusing on how writing is hard to avoid interrupting writing because of negative thoughts and judgment. Everything is hard, even breathing. But you can live without any problem. Remove that negative thought to write creative content.
I have a solution for this problem:

Please take out a white paper, write the main subject in the middle of the document, and circle around it. What other subtitles can you write about it? Too many? No. Just focus on the purpose of your writing. For example, I want to write an article about “What is digital marketing.” The subtitles are tools, advantages, and how to run. There are other circles and Continue in the same way for other subtitles. In the end, you can see a think-like flowchart of where to start and end.

Imagine you want to think about what to write. You wouldn’t even start writing after 100 years. Just start wring, and you can edit again and again.
Is it, not an excellent remedy to stop focusing on writing? It takes time, but after some days, you make sense, you can regain the calm, and you do not have challenges.

The big misunderstanding about writing

According to the enchantingmarketing, reading is more straightforward than writing. We need the lower effort to read, But instead, we need more effort to write. Before writing, we have many ideas in our mind, provided the stages of the writing process are more than we think. In other words, it is more complex and complicated.

So we are not alone

You are not the first man that thinks writing is hard, and you will not be the last man. You are not alone. See what others did and try their solution. I write some tips for people that they publish on Quora:

Subin Chung says:

I write 750 words a day. Today will be my 150th day in a row.

Sometimes it feels like I’m bleeding the words out of my body. Other times, it comes so naturally that I laugh at myself. I’ve tried outlining my stories, I’ve tried free-writing, I’ve tried everything in-between, but the first few words are always the hardest.

Just start. Write one word after another — it doesn’t even need to make sense — and it will feel like you’re gasping for air, but at least you’re doing it.

Set a goal: 10 minutes, 100 words, 1 paragraph. Don’t let yourself do anything at all until you get there.

The way to make it easier is to do it everyday, even when you’re not in the mood and you can’t think of anything to say, because you have that momentum to push you through. Doesn’t matter what kind of stuff you write.

At least you showed up.

Geraldine Cheung says:

What makes writing hard?

Wait, that sentence is too long.

Now it’s too short, damnit.

What if no one reads my book?

Wait. What if no one LIKES my writing?

I just read a book. I have no faith in myself. It’s okay, I’ll just sit here and cry.


This is not descriptive enough.

Wait, now this is too descriptive.

My opening line sucks and I can’t think of anything else.

I swear I’ve edited this part 9,999,999,999,999 times already.

Goodbye, favourite chapter. **Sniff** **Hits delete button**

Is “bluely” a word?

I’m bored. Today is officially not a Writing Day.

I’ll just spend FIVE minutes on Quora. Just five minutes…

So Is writing hard? What is your solution?