Listen to the news; it’s the most crucial step for content writers

milad qarooni
2 min readJul 17, 2022


Who tells that not to follow the news? Who says that reading newspapers or watching the news is wasting time? You have to follow the news if you are a content specialist. Why? I write the answer in the following.

What happened near you

News can keep you informed of events around you. Not exactly near you, but at least you can know what is going on. Is it good? From the first glimpse, it wastes time, but you live in a country. How can you plan without knowing about happening? Especially for a content writer that is earned not as much as others. In conclusion, you can understand what is happening in your country and worldwide.

Using examples

In the article “the basis of content writing,” one of the things that I emphasized was the usage of examples. How can we choose the best example? By following the news. News is divided into categories like sport, economy, politics, and tech. In which you are interested, read the latest news or even articles.

Why? news topic is the best source to use as an example. As I mentioned above, you are informed of what is happening and the newest events. This shows how well you control the circumstances around you and how accurate you are with the latest changes.

I write some other tips and reasons in the following:

  1. You do not need to read the whole news. This is time-consuming and is not essential. Of course, this action can help you to write better. Your priority should be the news of your field of work.
  2. News provides information and general knowledge to provoke your mind.
  3. It can enrich your glossary.
  4. Contrary to what we think, reading the news is part of our modern life.
  5. People generally talk about news, so if you want your writing to be an everyday speech, use news events and discuss them. Also, you can involve matters of high consequence in your blog.
  6. You stay updated and are better equipped to form opinions.
  7. Whether you live in or near a big city or small town, you can show your ability to research and even are invited to many discussion groups as a speaker.

The last point is not necessary to follow the news daily. You can add your email to receive the notification. Besides, you can use the main company accounts on Instagram or Twitter to get the news.