Three basics of content writing

milad qarooni
2 min readJul 16, 2022


Contrary to the idea about content writing, the essential and first step is not writing principles. Although considering writing principles is important, as a content writer, you must attend to other steps before starting to write. In this article, I write some vital essential points.

Structure of writing

Maybe you think that I want to say the first step is persona. It’s essential, but it’s clear to pay attention. Drawing structure is a primary step, but unfortunately, most experienced writers do not pay attention. Why? I do not know.

Possibly they think it is an additional step. So they do it mentally. It’s good, and I make a structure in my mind, but not for every topic. For example, I draw mind plan this short article in my mind; but for a long piece, at least I use paper. But my audience is those unwilling to use paper and do not consider any content structure.

So, what is content structure, and how to make it? The structure of the content is the structure that is at the root of the main topic. Then, the main headings are written in each subsection, and each main title has several other subheadings. When each branch ends depends on your main topic. For example, for the case What is Digital Marketing, the first subsection includes Digital Marketing Methods, Benefits, etc. Next, things like SEO, content creation, email marketing, etc., can be mentioned in the methods. Of course, your goal is not to fully explain email marketing. Hence you only define. Therefore, next to this section, you write that it is limited only.

Content structure is like a tree. The root is the foremost step, the tree branch is the first branch, and the tree leaves are the end. This structure helps the writer be more accurate and write better quality text.


Unfortunately, we have problems using a good example. What do I mean? When you write content whose audience is from several different countries, you must pay attention to culture and the nature of examples. Maybe the example you use is not familiar with other countries. In some thematic categories, food is essential. Because your food is not known in another country, explaining examples is better. So before starting, try to find common examples that your user can understand well.


Questions are closely related to the content structure; sometimes, the structure is good in the event that you do not answer the questions. for example, the subject is about how to solve software problems, but you did not mention the reason. Actually, ways to prevent it from happening again are not straightforward. In every content, you have to consider the answers to each question are related to topics. In drawing content structure, write the main questions and try to answer them. It’s not essential to write to mention the question and its answer directly.

Now you answer please that whether they are essential or not?

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