Tips for updating your content(my experience)

milad qarooni
4 min readJan 8, 2023


I wonder why some content managers do not tend to update the content published on their websites. Like changing clothes when they are too old or other furniture to change the appearance of a house to be in new stylish, our content needs refreshment. There is a difference: updating content is much easier than changing others. It does not cost and at most takes 1 hour. Buying new cloth not only need paying a lot of money, but also takes at least one day. Some changes are not necessary and do not have a positive effect on our mood. Still, updating content that can boost our website’s rank on Google is the main aim of every content manager and SEO manager.

In this article, I have written some tips on updating your content. Some ways can help you.

Why do we update our content?

I heard from some employees that our content was good, and there was no need to update or at least change the content. Unfortunately, although this view is sad, there is. Just some asked why we should care about old content.

Instead of writing benefits as a list, I share my experiences:

I am working as a content specialist in (Insurance online sales site). You may think there are no new insurance topics, but there are. New laws are passed every year, and our users asking questions are two options that can force us to update content. We have to do that. One of my tasks is to update our blogs. After updating old blogs, we can see generated new results: ranking better on search engines and getting more comments.

Let me explain two main benefits:

As we know, one of the main benefits of blogging is the search engine optimization. Google loves fresh content — Updating content is a way to notify Google to look at our website when it decides to rank our website. It is important to update regularly.

What is fresh content?

Fresh content is not new; it is content or blog which updates based on a plan. You could change a line. This is valuable to Google. Of course, consider some points in updating the content because every change is not defined updated action. I will explain. In fact, Changing that shows your content has new information.

That can be one good reason. But not everything. The other reason is to trigger loyal visitors to return to your site. Every content writer wishes that their readers save the URL as a favorite website. If you keep an eye out for what the visitors want and what they expect, you can make your website a reliable source of information for them. It can get people coming to reread blogs and again. Be careful that I do not mean to write news articles from scratch, and update them to have evergreen posts.

As I wrote above, it’s often much easier and quicker to update and republish an old post than to write a new one. After updating, we witnessed an increase in visitors and organic searches. This affected our sales rate.

Who should do this?

First, Updating a post must be under the surveillance of the content manager. Second, the priority is who wrote the content because they know the details. If you do not have access to the writer, ask another professional writer. Updating a post is more complicated if another man wants to change it.

what should to do?

Update by new information

Information will get outdated one day. The speed of outdating is based on how our technology related to the subject changed. For example, information about laptops changes every month; in return, medical data change at least once in two years. First, you have to analyze statistics. Every detail you wrote has to be surveyed again to determine whether they need to ‌be replaced. You should find some statics, numbers, and others that the chance of their changing is a lot.

For example, the law of driving without a license is illegal. In my country (Iran), some years ago, the insurance companies did not compensate for the damage if a driver had no license. Now they pay the entire amount of the damage, but they will receive the total damages paid from the owner of the offending car. This is a piece of new information. You have to care about news or laws that are related to your post and are sources of absorbing users.
When news data are published, users search the internet to get accurate information. So when your post has up-to-date data, your website will be a reliable source to come back to check the news. This activity we did on had a good effect on our traffic, although our competitors did too.

Add new format content

Adding images can create a brand-new outlook if there is no imagery in your blogs. According to, Putting in pictures increases views by 94% and helps make the text easier to understand.

Considering infographics is a good technique that makes users enjoy the post and improves user engagement. I did this on website, and I witnessed an increase in click rates and share amount on social media.

Add FAQs as tips

If you’re looking for a new way to change the written content and rank better on Google, add answers to questions of your audience that they asked in the comments. These questions have the primary keywords in Google. For example, I added questions and answers at the end of the post as essential tips by considering the main keywords.

There are three that I used and could get the results in increasing google rank. If you have a question, I am here to answer.