What does a content writer do?

milad qarooni
3 min readJun 30, 2022


Many people believe that content writers do not do anything. Writers are sitting down and just typing. It’s easy, no? I have an answer to this question, but what is it? Please read this article.

Before starting, It’s better to know what content, content writing, and others are.

What is content?

Everything can be content; text, video, photo, etc. Content is not limited to text on a website. Content has existed since the beginning of human life on Earth, but its shape has dramatically changed. Now the text is more popular. The growth of the internet and reading many internet articles have led

us to think that content is only relevant to the digital space. All content is used in every structure that gives us some information is content, even a shopping list.

Is writing content hard?

Maybe you think writing a list is easy and doesn’t require specialization. Even you say an older adult can do this. We also confirm this. But a question? Is all content relevant to the list? Especially not.

Content is divided into different forms: blogs, news, plays, screenplays, etc. Each of these has techniques. Maybe you can write a blog, but if you don’t follow the rules of each, your content can’t attract even one user. You just put a few words and sentences together.

Writing content is a job. It has its related principles. Its principle is based on which field you want to write about. Absolutely at the first stage, you have to know how to write. Mastering the basic literature is vital, but you need to know the critical points in writing in that field. For example, when you want to write for a website, it’s essential to know the SEO content and its structure. Knowing all of them is hard.

Furthermore, you need to be updated in your field. The user’s tastes are changing very fast. Considering these are not easy.

Do you know the challenges of writing content?

  • learning the literature of the content language
  • knowing the principle of writing
  • knowing the field of your writing’s topic
  • sitting for a lot of time at the desk and getting used to the physical problems caused by it
  • thinking for a lot of time about what to write, how to start, etc

But the negative point is that your final product (written) doesn’t have the desired result. Why? You made a mistake in one of the steps. Add this to the physical problem. Its income is not as high as you thought, especially if the employer does not pay you under any pretext.

What does content write exactly do?

So, it’s time to answer the main question. You hire a content writer or work with them remotely to write content for your website or social media. Why do you hire? Because you know writing blogs or captions is not easy and needs specialty.

First of all, the content writer has to understand the field of his project. Second, research the field and its details and survey everything. Most of the time, this process repeats for every blog, even though they have a lot of experience in their field. Writing for each blog takes about 2 to 3 hours to write. They are not writers, and their readers are different because the atmosphere is not as same as others. They have to write a text to attract users and persuade them to do an action; buying or clicking. They don’t just write without effort before. They are responsible for every word written.

so a content producer does these actions:

  • researching topic
  • finding the best keywords to write
  • studying the subject before starting

When I want to write a subject, before starting, I do a lot of research on the subject. What I am supposed to write and who my audience is. It takes at least 3 hours. This is not easy since sometimes there are no reliable sources. The other point is which structure to use. In other words, how to start and end the blog.

Writing may seem simple, but when you see it deeply, you must consider many notes.

I am here to hear about your experience.

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