Why do you need to study physics as a content writer?

milad qarooni
3 min readMar 25, 2021


I’m Milad from Iran. When I was a student, I detested studying physics. Why? because my teacher could not teach us well, but at the end of my high school and before entering university, a woman taught me some rules of physics simply, not complicated as my previous teacher. At that time, I fell in love with this matter.

I studied computer software unlike my interest, But it was always in my mind to study physics. I started and get an MA in nanophysics at the University of Zanjan. That was so hard for me to pass, but I could. So, your question is that(As I wrote in the title)why I studied physics?

Have you ever heard about the relation between the field of study and the mind? I do not write about professionally, but when I read a biography of the big writer, I noticed that they studied physics or interested in nature and event around it.

one of the most problems of writers is choosing a topic and how to relate to other elements. If you want to solve this problem, you have to read a lot. How many books can you read during a year? On average 24 books. It depends on your reading speed. I assume that you choose the correct and the best books.

To be honest, it is ideal. Maybe reading books help you to get acquainted with different styles of writing, but it takes a lot of time. big writers use life’s law in their story; what happened and what is the effect. If you looking for the right connection, so you need to know the relation of elements with each other. I believe that the best science that can show you this, in physics. You do need to master physics, you can read Holliday books

Let me write some examples for you. I saw a lot of screenwriters use the rule of vectors in their writing. How? Different characters and positions need to reach at one point. Assume we have two characters with names Jack and Edison. They are walking in two different streets and they meet each other in one crossing. so we have two vectors Jack and Edison. but for choosing the third street, we have to consider a direct way to ensure that whether they choose the right path or not. The other example: studying sciences like physics opens in your mind. there are a lot of rules that you can use to identify the relationships and direction of the story. As you know, before starting to write, you have to draw a tree. These simple rules help you to do your best.

In summary, we have to learn how to open our minds before being content writers. Knowing the rules of nature helps us to draw the structure of our writing. Physics is one of the science which can help a lot. It is one of the reasons I studied this at the university. you are not forced to go to university to learn physics. you can learn it by reading a book in your free time. This shows its effect after at least one year.

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